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How To Buy Your Most Needed Sink?(part 2)

Double Bowl Double-bowl sinks have a partition that separates them into two sections. A rectangular shape is most common, but D-shaped sinks with a curved back are available. Double-bowl sinks are handy because they let you perform two tasks–soaking and rinsing–at the same time. Note that the narrower sections of a double-bowl sink may not […]

How To Buy Your Most Needed Sink?(part 1)

What do you get when you pay top dollar for a kitchen or bathroom sink? Despite the hype sink prices have little to do with performance. We also found that the manufacturer isn’t as important as the material. Focus on the material. Our tests showed that the material is more important than the manufacturer. Similar […]

Bath Math: Get Bathroom Layout Ideas

With approximately one hundred square feet each, here are four bath renovations that made the most of the space. Considering a master-bath overhaul and wondering what it takes to fit in everything you want? “A hundred square feet can be a nice sweet spot,” says San Diego designer Corine Maggio. It allows for the classic […]

Read This Before You Buy a Toilet

Based on appearance, it’s easy to think that all toilets are pretty much the same. But a peek under their lids reveals important differences, and recent innovations, that make shopping for this fixture something of a sleuthing exercise. To learn more about the latest toilet technology, options, and upgrades, read on. It will make the […]

Average Cost of a Master Bathroom Remodel

Who does not want to have a relaxing haven in their bathroom, where they can soak all their worries and tired body in a warm bath. Meanwhile, if you are planning to renovate your bathroom to improve its aesthetics and value, you must consider a bathroom remodel cost. There are plenty of factors linked to […]

Top 3 Bathroom Design Ideas and Trends

A gut renovation is an ideal time to add a splurge-worthy feature to your bath. Here’s what you need to know if you want to add a freestanding tub, floating vanity, or curbless shower A stand-alone soaker makes a strong design statement. But once filled with water—not to mention a bather—it can easily weigh up […]

What Do You Should Know When Choosing a Toilet?

How do you choose a right toilet for your needs? What are the things that you want to think about when you’re choosing a toilet? As with most design decisions, you’ll need to think about functionality, style and cost. One Piece Vs. Two Piece Toilets Let’s start with the question of whether to purchase a […]

Shower System Buying Guide

Bathroom remodels are admittedly a lot of work, without a lot of safe shortcuts available, but having the ability to design your own shower space makes it all worthwhile. There are a variety of options to customize your bath and shower experience to include exactly what you want and nothing that you don’t or won’t […]